Diversification (1970s ~ Late 1990s)

1970 October Ehime Factory (currently the Matsuyama Factory (South)) commenced operation and the production of Tetoron filament began.
1971 August Operations of Gifu Factory (currently Teijin DuPont Films Japan Limited´s Gifu Factory) commenced and the production of TETORON films began.
October Production of rayon filament discontinued.
1972 March

Established Fuji Institute of Education and Training.

April Production of meta-aramid fiber TEIJINCONEX began at Iwakuni Factory.
1973 August Teijin Fher Medical Co., Ltd., jointly established with Germany´s Boehringer Ingelheim.
October Established TETORON production and sales company P.T. Teijin Indonesia Fiber Corporation.
1974 June Medical and Pharmaceutical Division established. Teijin Institute for Bio-Medical Research established.
1978 March Teijin Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd., established. (Teijin Fher Medical dissolved).
April Production of PET resin for bottles began.
August Operations of spun yarn discontinued. Nagoya Factory closed.
1980 February

Teijin Pharmaceutical began to market Venilon.

April Teijin Pharmaceutical began to market LAXOBERON.
1982 October

Mild-Sanso TO-40 oxygen concentrator introduced to the market.

1983 September Teijin Systems Technology Ltd. established.
October Teijin Pharmaceutical merged with Teijin.
1985 August Operations of Utsunomiya Factory (currently Teijin DuPont Films´ Utsunomiya Factory) commenced and production of TETORON films began.
1987 September

Production of TECHNORA para-aramid fibers began at Matsuyama Factory.

1990 May Production of TEONEX PEN film began.
1991 October Established TETORON production and sales company Teijin (Thailand) Limited.
1992 October Teijin Biomedical Laboratory established in London.
November Teijin Global Environmental Charter and Teijin Global Environmental Activity Goals established.
1993 June Chiba Research Center (currently Teijin Chemicals´ Plastics Technical Center) established.
Corporate philosophy and corporate code of conduct established.
1994 March

Nantong Teijin Co., Ltd., established in the PRC to manufacture and market polyester filament fabrics.

August Established joint-venture companies in Japan and Hong Kong with DuPont to manufacture and market meta-aramid papers.
1995 September Established a company jointly with DuPont to manufacture and market nylon fibers in Japan.
1996 March Established P.T. Indonesia Teijin Films (currently P.T. Indonesia Teijin DuPont Films) to manufacture and market TETORON films.
1997 May Established Teijin Polycarbonate Singapore Pte Ltd. to manufacture and market polycarbonate resin.